Customer web aplication Webship

31. 3. 2014

Dear customers,

in Slovak Parcel Service s.r.o. we strongly care about the satisfaction of our customers and therefore we are constantly increasing the level of service we provide. We have developed a new web application Webship through which you can easily and conveniently prepare all the necessary documentation to your domestic shipment.

The application Webship has been developed for our contractual customers with assigned account number. Using Webship will greatly simplify, speed up and streamline the processing of your shipments. The application contains the directory that stores the addresses of the recipients of your shipments for reuse. All your shipments sent are stored in the archive items. You can Track&Trace your shipments dirrectly from the application. For using Webship there is no need for installing to your computer, you only need internet connection to access your customer account.

Please read the instructions to register to your customer application Webship



18. 3. 2019

Fuel surcharge - international shipping

Dear Client, we would like to kindly inform you that effective 18/3/2019 shall the fuel surcharge as follow: Service...

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