Information about changes in UPS tariffs in 2013

10. 10. 2018

As of 30. December 2013 shall the new and better UPS services, technologies and published prices take effect. There tariffs reflect on the ongoing investments into our global logistic services including:

  • expansion of service range for UPS Express Plus® and UPS Express® that shall make it possible for you to ship to various destinations scheduling the time of delivery and with money back guarantee*
  • adding more destinations for UPS Expedited service
  • zintroducing the new UPS Worldwide Express FreightSM service for shipping pallet shipments to more than 40 countries and territories
  • possibility to use UPS Paperless® Invoice for shipments to Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway
  • improvements in WorldShip® including new features for uploading additional customs documentation, printing of special customer messages on shipment labels and combining small shipments with freight shipments
For more information about these improvements please visit Furthermore, links listed at this page shall provide you with the latest information about key zones and tariffs, including a downloadable copy of UPS Service guide and tariff guide 2014, which is an environment friendly solution.

*For detailed information about our money back guarantee please see the updated version of UPS Conditions of Carriage.



1. 6. 2020

Statement of claims examination results in 2013

Information on claims statistics in 2013

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