We have supported a literary project "Správa o stave mladej ilustrácie"

16. 10. 2017

In October 2012 our carrier company has become a partner of an interesting and unique project in culture. Together with PROVOCATION BUREAU agency, that works in the field of unconventional marketing, creative visual advertising, graphic design and illustration, we have supported young Slovak fine artists in their literary project "Správa o stave mladej ilustrácie".

michal_ivan michal_ivan

This original and unique publication on Slovak literary market maps portfolios of the 50 most interesting young Slovak illustrators covered on more than 200 pages with the aim to present their work to professional, as well as to amateur community.

michal_ivan  cover

Within the partnership in the project our couriers delivered this publication to almost 200 recipients in Bratislava, mainly the art directors in advertising agencies and graphic studies, picture editors and editors-in-chief of periodicals or publishing directors.

Thus we helped to serve the portfolios and contacts of young Slovak authors directly on the table of all the important people in the field and we supported the effort to succeed and catch a break. We keep our fingers crossed for Slovak artists on their road to success.



27. 1. 2020

Fuel surcharge - international shipping

Dear Client, we would like to kindly inform you that effective 2020/01/27 shall the fuel surcharge as follow: Service...

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