How is the price of carriage within Slovakia calculated (weight, dimensions, distance)?

Price of domestic carriage is calculated based on weight. Insurance covering amounts not exceeding 2 500.00 EURO is free of charge. It is necessary to state the insurance rate in Delivery Note.

What are the weight and dimensions limits for a package?

Maximum weight of a package must not exceed 70 kg, a total of girth and length combined shall not exceed 330 cm, maximum length 270 cm, for more details see Terms and Conditions of Slovak Parcel Service s.r.o. (here).

What time it is possible to order carriage of domestic or international shipment by phone at the latest?

See limit times in the section carriage order – limit times.

When is it possible to send COD (Collect on Delivery) shipment?

COD shipments may be send only by customers with contract (legal person, natural person – with trade license). If you are interested in entering a contract, please contact us at email address: ecs@sps-sro.sk or by phone 16877, SPS – contacts

What are the options of Delivery on Saturday?

Only in our offices and service centers – list in the section SPS – contacts

Where are the regional centers situated?

See SPS – contacts

What time do you start collecting shipments with next-day delivery?

Depends on the region and time of order submission. See indicative times for collections at domestic shipment order – limit times. For more information please contact us at SPS – contacts

How to proceed in case I want to file a complain with regards to the carriage of domestic shipment?

Complaint shall be filed by shipper or recipient of shipment in writing or by email at all times reklamacie@sps-sro.sk.
For detailed information see Terms and Conditions of SPS.