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Receipts for cash on delivery

Generator of receipts for cash on delivery

If you wish to generate a copy of the income or tax document, you must provide the full 16-digit shipment number and the recipient’s zip code on the shipping label.

O spoločnosti

How do I generate / edit a document?

Where can I find the document generator?

On the website of the SPS company select the document generator item (see image)

How do I generate a receipt for my shipment?

Use the shipment number and the recipient’s zip code. Both data can be found on the label of the shipment (see image), that was just delivered to you.

When using the document generator, please use the full shipment number (16 digits) without spaces or dashes.

A simple example:

Your shipment number: 703-010-01234567 00

To generate documents, use the format: 7030100123456700

Document generator

I will write the shipment number 7030100123456700.

I will write the postcode of the recipient 12345.


The generated document has the status “Temporary document”. Payment matching based on information from the bank will release the document together with information on the payment method within 2-3 days.

Change of data on the document?

After generating the document, the recipient has the option to add data to the document (Address + ID number).

I will fill in the entire shipment number (7030100123456700), recipient’s zip code and document number.


The recipient has the option to edit the Address and, if necessary, add the VAT ID number.


To successfully save the modified recipient data

  • Fill in the e-mail for sending the authorization code
  • Enters the verification code
  • And agrees to the terms of use of the service

Subsequently, a document with modified data will be generated.

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